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The definition, role, and responsibilities of a doula


a birth worker (doula)

is a specially trained birth companion that provides support for women and families during pregnancy, labor and after birth. A doula does not perform any clinical procedures; rather they provide emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual support. This level of support can lead to healthier pregnancies, a more positive and empowering birth experience, and increased breastfeeding and bonding in the postpartum period.

as a birth worker (doula)

I recognize that we have the honor of walking with our relatives throughout their journey and will provide non-judgmental compassionate care to each person.

I support body Sovereignty, meaning that I support and empower
each person to make choices regarding their own body and health.

My responsibility is to make sure that the birthing
mom feels safe, loved, and supported.

as a birth worker (doula)

I DO NOT replace professional medical care,

rather they enhance the communication and

relationship between families and care providers.

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