Heartberry Hemp

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A Collaboration with Shinnecock Hemp

Shinnecock Hemp is a Native American, women owned and operated company that was established in 2019. They grow Full Spectrum Hemp on our Sovereign Territory, the Shinnecock Nation, located in Southampton, New York. They're a family of horticulture specialists, healers and business professionals.

Why Hemp?
Hemp helps to repair the soil by acting as a natural filtration system. Hemp is good for you and for Mother Earth. They extract ONLY the highest quality Hemp, to bring you healing topicals, enlightening tinctures and magical superfoods.

Shinnecock Hemp's Method of Growth:
Their Hemp is 100% organically grown.
They say NO to pesticides and pollution!
'Free Spirit' is their term of usage for what's known as Full Spectrum : Free Spirit Hemp contains ALL major cannabinoids including cannabigerol (CBG), tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannibidoil (CBD).
This is why oils derived from Full Spectrum/Free Spirit Hemp work so great!

How Did Wuttahminneoh Birth Work and Shinnecock Hemp Collaborated?
The point of this collaboration is to bring different methods of 'higher healing ways' to birthing persons, their families and households.The bigger picture for us : releasing the stigma around this ever-so generous medicinal plant.

What is Heartberry Hemp's Mission?
Their mission is to bring back. natural healing methods and to change the world of medicine. They seek to resurrect the true properties of Hemp. They cultivate, grow high CBD Hemp strains ONLY, then create 'higher healing products' with their plant life.

Make sure to check out www.shinnecockhemp.com for more information, photos + other Shinnecock Hemp products!