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Now that I feel like I found my space and a way to contribute inside and outside of Shinnecock: ​
My mission is to ensure that all women, but most importantly, Indigenous and Women of color, have their voices heard throughout their sacred time of creating life.
Because having access to a Birth Worker is an experience that I wish I was able to have while I went through my Pregnancy, partnerless.

Someday I hope to see an Indigenous Birthing Center with Shinnecock (+ other Indigenous) Midwives and doulas, here on our original territory. It's purpose would be to cater to the overall health and wellness of our Indigenous Women, Children and Families, while reviving our Algonquian Birth Stories and Traditions.

For now though, this is how I can begin personally contributing to the change of the
I'm determined to bring back traditional teachings, resources, and connections to the People of the Stony Shore.
- Ahna Red Fox
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