Placenta Burial Ceremony

Offering Burial Ceremonies for Indigenous Mothers and Families.
When I was pregnant with my son, I knew that I wanted to keep his placenta and have a Burial Ceremony.
The weeks prior to his due month, we began preparations.
My  cousin Ginew played a pretty big role in the teachings and encouragement that came along with his burial ceremony.
I had no idea what I was doing, but he guided me throughout the entire process and ensured me in following my heart.
He was able to borrow a song, resembling the return to earth that which came from me. He translated the ceremonial song into Shinnecock.
Ginew and I have decided to collaborate and provide Indigenous moms and families with their rites of passage in returning their child(ren)'s placenta back to mother earth.
'To my son, may you always honor the land you come from and the people who came before you. May you always honor and remember your roots, most importantly when you feel lost.