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Full Spectrum Indigenous Birth Worker, Ahna Red Fox, is open to bookings for speaking events to share: My Birth Story, Maternal and Infant Mortality amongst Indigenous and Black communities in the United States, Disparities in Healthcare Facilities felt by Indigenous and Black communities in the United States, or the process of relearning, reclaiming, and reteaching Birth Rites of Passage to Indigenous-Shinnecock community of Long Island, New York.

My Personal (traumatic)

Birth Stories

Trauma stories from my first birth and how it shaped and fueled my birth work and  the healing in my second birth.

Maternal Healthcare in Indigenous Communities (U.S.A)

What does maternal healthcare in Indigenous communitiites look like? Let's talk about the disparities we face.

Maternal Mortality amongst Indigenous and Black Women

What does Maternal Mortality mean

for Indigenous communitities?

I've been a Full Spectrum Indigenous Birth Worker since January 2019. I've attended four Indigenous births to date, from the Shinnecock and Unkechaug Nation's. I've done a various amount of community volunteering between support groups for birthing families and donation drives over the years. If there is any way that I'm able to help set a stronger foundation for my community, then it's all hands on deck!

My top priority is being a support for Indigenous and Black women, who may experience disparities when giving birth in the United States. I believe that the information that I've obtained throughout my journey as a Birth Worker, are important for the world to know.



*rates start at $75/hr for a group of 6 people*

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Birth is empowering. Birth is sacred. Birth is ceremony. Birth should be treated as such!

I'm grateful to hold this space, sharing my birth stories, the healing and knowledge that I've gained.

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